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25 June 2009 @ 12:08 am
[One-shot] Corny Roses  

Title: Corny Roses
Chapters: One-shot
Pairing(s): Taecyeon x Jaebeom
Author: [info]junbros
Rating(s): NC-17
Genre: Humor, Drama, Comfort
Warnings: Slash Sex
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.
Comment: Find all of my fanfiction public at [info]driedmangos.
Summary: "I don't know. You said you wanted me to stop treating you like a girl. I guess that includes all of those things right? Since we're both guys and guys don't usually hug in the middle of nowhere, and they don't usually take care of each other 24/7." Taecyeon said, skeptical.

Jaebeom didn't know if it was because he was shorter, if it was because his voice sounded like a teenager going thorugh puberty, if it was because he liked to wear pink underwear, but he was tired of it. Just because he took it, rather than giving it, in bed, did not mean he was a girl. So why did Taecyeon treat him like one? He disliked hugs every time he entered their apartment door, and he obviously disliked cuddling. And yet, Taecyeon did both with him. The younger man even gave him roses for their 2 year anniversary. It was ridiculously corny and not one bit romantic. Those stupid tactics worked with girls and god dammit he wasn't one. He had the best abs in 2PM and that just had to prove something. Jaebeom didn't complain though - not yet. But his patience was running thin.

Jaebeom rang the doorbell to their apartment impatiently, just coming back from a schedule. It was already past midnight and he didn't even want to look at the clock to find out what time it truly was. He was about ready to smash the damn button when the door opened, revealing Junho who looked like he was about to kill because someone woke him up. But he knew very well that Jaebeom would beat him into a pulp so his shoulders just slumped and he muttered a tired "good night" before heading back off to bed. Jaebeom shook his head and closed the door behind him, kicking his shoes off and heading for the kitchen. He quickly poured himself a bowl of cereal and grabbed the carton of milk from their messy fridge.

Taking a spoon, he scooped the cereal into his mouth and took a swig from the carton. While chewing, he glared at the floor. Being the leader sucked, especially since he had to take care of all the meetings while the others went back home hours before him. He took a another scoop and another swig. Realizing he had just finished the cereal in 2 scoops, he sighed and placed the bowl into the sink, downing the rest of the milk into his throat. Why wasn't he taller? He always drank tons of milk. Angry, he scrunched up the carton and threw it into the nearby trashcan.

The members had left the lights on for him for whenever he would arrive back home, which he thought was funny because they were never this considerate. He almost barged into the room he shared with Junho and Wooyoung to get clothes when he saw his boyfriend sitting on the living room couch. The man was wearing a pair of thick rimmed glasses and holding a book, trying to look smart. Jaebeom chuckled, attracting attention from the rapper. The taller looked up and was surprised to find Jaebeom back home already.

"You know, Taec, you don't look smart in those, right?" he said matter of factly and crossed his arms over his chest. The other man just blinked at him, dumbfounded.

"How was work?" Taecyeon asked and shut the book after bookmarking the page he was currently reading, setting it down. He motioned with his hands for Jaebeom to come over and sit next to him.

Jaebeom knew that Taecyeon wanted to cuddle in one way or another, and rather than sitting next to the younger man, he chose the opposite side of the couch. He shoved his hands into his pockets to get rid of some of the awkward tension between them.

Taecyeon raised an eyebrow and dropped his arms that he had put up to offer a hug. He didn't understand what was going on and what had happened. "What is it?" he voiced, looking over at Jaebeom who continued to eye the wall across from him.

Jaebeom moved his legs until he was sitting pretzel style on the couch, tugging at his jeans. He shrugged and kept his silence. He wasn't sure how to explain this all to his lover, especially if he didn't want Taecyeon to get mad. He knew how the other man was when he was angry, and it wasn't pretty. Taecyeon might have acted like a dork most of the time, but when things got serious, his attitude also became serious.

"Jay what's wrong?" Taecyeon asked, now both worried and curious. This wasn't the Jay he was used to. He was used to an illiterate Korean, fake-homophobe, wanna-be 'gangsta', English cursing Jay. A serious, quiet, and rather tense one was not normal at all

He scooted his body so that he could get closer to the shorter man. He placed his larger hand on top of Jaebeom's smaller one. "You have to tell me, love." he said quietly.

And that's all it took for Jaebeom to lose it.

"Don't fucking call me that." Jaebeom hissed, snatching his hand away from Taecyeon's rather warm ones.

"W-What?" Taken aback at the sudden outburst of anger, he looked up at his boyfriend's face as the other stood up.

"I'm not some fucking girl, okay?! I'm a man! With a dick, abs, and muscles other guys would die to have! So don't treat me like some fucking sissy god dammit!" he shouted, probably loud enough to wake the entire apartment. He punched the wall nearest to him, making his knuckles bleed. But he didn't feel the pain through the anger, through the frustration that had built up inside him. And when he finally looked up at Taecyeon, he wished he hadn't. The other man's face didn't portray anger, sadness, but it looked more like ...pain.

He saw how Taecyeon made a fist and unclenched it. There was no frown and no smile. "I got it. Goodnight Jay." he said in English before turning on his heel and walking straight into the room he shared with Junsu.

That night, Jaebeom cried himself to sleep, his bandaged fist dangling off the bed.

- - -

The damned alarm kept ringing and ringing and he wanted to throw a pillow at Junho to tell him to turn it off, but the other man was nowhere to be seen. Groaning, he turned to his side and slammed his uninjured fist on the "OFF" button. He stretched his aching muscles and rested his left forearm on his forehead. He felt dead and was pretty sure he looked like it too. He could feel how puffy his eyes were and the pain he had not felt from punching the wall last night was at full force now. What the fuck had he done? 

Questions kept running through his head. Such as "Why had I done that?", "Is Taecyeon mad at me now, how is he feeling?", "Are things going to be okay?". And it bothered him to no end that he couldn't stop thinking about these things. He still had work to do today. They had to perform and do an interview, yet he wasn't sure how he would do all of that in this pathetic condition of his.

He got up and rubbed at his eyes using his right hand, the uninjured one. He quickly opened his closet and pulled on a pair of sweats, not bothering to wear a shirt. It was hot as hell. "The others are probably already up. Junho probably set my alarm clock a little later than usual." he thought to himself as he walked into the kitchen bare footed. Just as he predicted, everybody was already up and eating breakfast at their kitchen table. The seat next to Taecyeon was empty, obviously waiting for him to seat himself in it. Everybody turned their heads as he entered and said the usual "Good morning"s despite having food in their mouths. The only one who didn't say anything was his lover.

He nodded back at them and muttered his own greeting, walking around the table to sit at his seat. He stared down at his plate which consisted of eggs and bacon. He guessed that everyone could feel the dark atmosphere as well because the entire table went silent.

Taecyeon took a sip of his orange juice and set his glass down, looking up at the table. He looked at Chansung and raised an eyebrow. "What're you doing? Eat. We have to go to practice soon remember?" he reminded everybody and soon the rest of 2PM was back to stuffing their stomachs.

Jaebeom started eating as well, knowing he had other things to worry about aside from Taecyeon. But it did bother him that Taecyeon hadn't said anything to him directly this morning. And that he had not received any sign of affection or comfort either.

"Oh, Junho, thanks for setting my alarm a bit later. I needed it." Jaebeom said, nodding thanks at Junho who was seated across from him.

Junho looked confused and look at Jaebeom's puffy eyes. "I didn't do anything hyung. Taecyeon hyung -" and the second magnae shut up when he recieved a glance from Taecyeon that warned him not to say anything further.

Jaebeom, understanding the entire thing, looked down at his half finished breakfast. "Oh..." he said quietly. He felt guilt creep at his heart and he set his utensils down. Even when he had gotten angry at his lover, the other man still cared to make sure he got more sleep than he should have. He felt even worse when Taecyeon had finished breakfast and stood up to dump his dishes into the sink, leaving for his room to get changed. He leaned back in his chair and felt defeated and mentally tired.

The other members were worried, especially Nickhun who kept glancing at Jaebeom every so often. But nobody said anything, to scared to make the leader upset any further. They all finished breakfast and left one by one, leaving their leader sitting alone in the kitchen. Jaebeom pushed the chair away from the table and rested his head in his hands, dreading today.

He took his plate and made room in the fridge to put it in. Quickly finishing the glass of orange juice, he went into his room to find a half naked Junho getting dressed. He went over and slapped the second magnae's butt, receiving a yelp in response. "Better hurry up." Jaebeom said, changing into his own clothes quickly. All of the members met at the front door, making sure they had everything they needed, and filed out of the door one by one.

Jaebeom ran a hand through his hair; he needed to focus on work.

- - -
Not having a meeting to attend today, the leader was able to join everybody on the ride home. Taecyeon sat beside him as usual, but stayed quiet most of the time - making a comment once in awhile as the others talked in their own seats.

Once they all arrived at their apartment, the chatter stopped and everybody was on there own, taking showers and getting ready for bed. Taecyeon headed to his room to get clothes to shower and Jaebeom made his way into the living room, dropping onto the wooden floor, and spreading himself eagle style. The coolness of the wood felt good on his skin as it was still hot, even at night. He turned as he heard footsteps approaching him.

Junsu looked down at him from above. "Hyung get up. You need to shower and sleep." the other man said and Jaebeom just grunted in response.

The main vocalist sighed and offered his hand. Jaebeom latched on and the younger man pulled him up to his feet. "Taec is a mess right now. He won't talk, he just sits on the top bunk and stares at the wall. Whatever happened between you two should get resolved. It's not good for the team if members are fighting." Junsu said in a hushed voice, making sure Taecyeon wouldn't hear what he was telling their leader.

Jaebeom just nodded, running a hand through his hair. Junsu patted him on the back and left to go kiss Junho good night.

The leader couldn't take the guilt he was feeling, and decided it would be best to just talk to his lover. He slowly walked to Taecyeon's room where he paused at the doorframe, watching the model material take his shirt off.

Turning around, the rapper found his boyfriend standing there looking at him like a piece of meat. "What?" he asked bluntly, using English again. They often spoke in English to each other when alone.

"I..." Jaebeom started, but then he realized he had no idea what he wanted to say. Sighing, he stepped into the room and stood in front of Taecyeon, wrapping his arms around the other man.

"I didn't mean to say all of that." he wasn't used to apologizing, and he hoped that his lover would understand that. All he knew at the moment was that it felt good to rest his head on the taller man's chest again. They had spent an entire day without any intimate contact, something he wasn't used to.

Taecyeon froze and looked down at the man who was burying his head into his chest. This wasn't something he had expected. But knowing that he also wanted things resolved, he wrapped his arms around his lover as well, resting his chin on his head.

"I know. And don't worry, I won't treat you like a girl anymore. I didn't know I was doing it to begin." Taecyeon said as they both pulled away. Jaebeom looked up at him with a confused look.

"You didn't know you were doing it?" the leader asked.

"Yeah, it just felt so natural. Like I was supposed to take care of you. But not because I saw you as a girl." he answered.

"...So...this means you're going to treat me like how you treated me today from now on? We're not going to say good morning like a couple, touch or hug like a couple, you're not going to take care of me anymore?" he asked, not wanting those things to stop. Truthfully, he wasn't even sure what he wanted.

"I don't know. You said you wanted me to stop treating you like a girl. I guess that includes all of those things right? Since we're both guys and guys don't usually hug in the middle of nowhere, and they don't usually take care of each other 24/7." Taecyeon said, skeptical.

Confused, and not knowing what to do, Jaebeom stayed silent. What did he want? Those things seemed so normal in his life even though it was also what a girl would want in a relationship.

Taecyeon smiled at Jaebeom for the first time that day, and leaned down to kiss him on the lips. Jaebeom, surprised, kissed back. The taller man swiped his tongue along the leader's lips, asking for entrance. Jaebeom opened his mouth and soon they were kissing each other eagerly, Taecyeon pushing him up against a wall. When they pulled back after a minute, both were gasping for breathe. Their eyes were glazed over with lust and Jaebeom grabbed onto Taecyeon's arm, pulling him into the room he shared with Junho and Wooyoung.

When he kicked the door open, the Rain clone was not asleep yet and it turned out that Wooyoung was sleeping on the couch that night. "Go sleep with your boyfriend. I'm using the room tonight." he said, dragging Taecyeon in and throwing him onto his bed then pushing the whining Junho out. There was no fucking way they were having sex on the top bunk. He wasn't about ready to break down Taecyeon's bed yet.

After closing the door and locking it, he joined Taecyeon in the bottom bunk, his bed. Taecyeon ran his hands down Jaebeom's spine, giving his ass a squeeze with his right hand. Jaebeom shuddered and pulled his own shirt off, throwing it onto the floor. Lucky for them, Taecyeon had already removed his shirt. Jaebeom quickly worked on his lover's zipper, all the while Taecyeon was toying with his nipple. Successfully getting the zipper to slide down, he pulled off Taecyeon's pants and boxers in one go. Taecyeon removed the rest of Jaebeom's clothing as well.

The feeling of bare skin against bare skin was such a turn on and Jaebeom couldn't resist leaning down to capture the other man's lips in another passionate kiss. The exchange of saliva didn't stop Taecyeon's exploring hands though. The taller man found Jaebeom's entrance with his fingers, making Jaebeom pull back with a whimper.

"Jay get on your back." Taecyeon said and Jaebeom complied, lying down on his back and letting Taecyeon get on top of him.

"Where's the lube?" he asked, waiting. Jaebeom reached behind him and pulled a tube from under his pillow, handing it to Taecyeon.

"...So handy." the taller man muttered as he squeezed some of contents onto his fingers, rubbing it to make it warmer.

He reached down to circle Jaebeom's entrance, listening as the other man whimpered. Slowly he pushed a finger in and waited for the other man to adjust before pushing in another, until they were both up to his knuckles.

"M-More Taec, more." Jaebeom stuttered out. He could feel Taecyeon remove his fingers and could hear how he was slipping a condom on.

"You a-actually keep condoms with you?" he asked, slightly amused. Taecyeon laughed and nodded.

"Incase your horny little ass feels like doing it somewhere other than in your bed." he said while he lubed himself up, positioning himself at Jaebeom's entrance.

Jaebeom smirked, "You like my horny little ass though."

Taecyeon gave Jaebeom a look before beginning to push in. Jaebeom shut his eyes as he winced, it had been awhile. "You fucking bet I love your horny little ass." the taller man grunted out, grabbing onto his lover's hips in a menacing grip that would probably leave bruises.

He inched his way in, and paused when he was fully in Jaebeom. "F-Fuck hurry u-up already." Jaebeom said, feeling impatient and turned on as hell.

Not in the mood to defy and argue, he slowly pulled back before slamming right back in, earning a scream from Jaebeom and an arch of the back. "KHAY OH." was all that Taecyeon could say before speeding up the pace, continuously fucking Jaebeom.

Jaebeom could feel the shock that was sent through his body as Taecyeon hit his prostrate right on. The damn bastard still knew where it was. He arched his back in ecstasy and literally screamed. Taecyeon kept hitting him in that sweet spot and he could feel the tingle in his lower abdomen begin to rise. He was close, so fucking close.

Taecyeon leaned down and captured his lover's lips in a heated kiss, toying with his tongue and nipping at his lower lip. Groans, pants, and moans continued to stream out of his mouth. On the other hand, Jaebeom's only words were "fuckfuckfuckfuck" with screams placed in between. Guess the other man really did miss having sex.

And suddenly Jaebeom could feel Taecyeon hit his prostate particulary hard, sending him into oblivion. His vision went white and he could feel his body convulse around Taecyeon's cock. Within a few more thrusts from the younger man, Jaebeom came all over his and Taecyeon's stomach.

Feeling the other man tighten around him after he came, Taecyeon knew he couldn't last much longer. The look of pleasure on his lover's face was enough to make him come, and that was exactly what he did. He groaned as he shot his load into the condom, falling on top of Jaebeom's chest, not caring about the mess in between them.

They both laid there, panting and trying to regain their breathe. It only lasted for so long though, until Jaebeom was groaning from the weight of his lover smothering him. Taecyeon rolled off of Jaebeom, his cock slipping out of the other man as well. He peeled off the condom and threw it in the trashcan next to Jaebeom's bed.

"Fuck." he heard the leader say and roll into his side, resting his head on his chest and wrapping his arms around his waist. He ran a hand through Jaebeom's hair fondly and sighed happily.

"Never ignore me again like you did today." Jaebeom said.

Taecyeon smiled, "Promise."

Jaebeom smiled as well and cuddled closer to his lover. He decided that if Taecyeon's way of treating him was like a girl's, he would just endure it. Even the corny flowers. Because this way was what made him happy, and it was definitely much better than being ignored and acting like casual guys hanging out.

Jaebeom licked his lips, "I want a smoothie."

Taecyeon mentally palm faced. "What flavor?"

"Mango. Now shoo, I'm hungry. Make something good while you're at it. Just don't burn down our kitchen." Jaebeom said, thoughts of food running through his mind as his stomach rumbled.

"....." Taecyeon was speechless, staring back at Jaebeom. "I thought I do most of the work during sex."

"Jay it's 3AM..." he exclaimed, raising an eyebrow at the leader after he eyed the clock.

"So?" Jaebeom shrugged.

Taecyeon shook his head and laughed, leaning over to kiss Jaebeom on the lips. "I'm only making it because I love you." he said quietly, looking at Jaebeom in the eyes.

Jaebeom smiled in reply. "Yes, and I love you too. I'll repay you by letting you shower with me right now."

"Alright, let's go!"

"Remember, I want a mango flavored smoothie, not strawberry!" he yelled after the taller man as he ran to the bathroom. Today really was weird, but right now he couldn't be happier. 
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hennyzorzhien155 on June 25th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)
Jay actually liking being treated like a girl in the end? EPIC <3
And just Taecyeon being super sweet was so CUTEEEEE!
Wonderful fic, wonderful plot, and WONDERFUL SMUT XD
junbrosjunbros on June 25th, 2009 03:52 pm (UTC)
<3 I like fluff, LOL. Thank you, smut is fun to write XD
waruiyume80 on June 25th, 2009 01:29 pm (UTC)
kekeke ... Jae shouldn't have thought of it that way in the first place and got into the fight besides, you got to admit that there's an advantage to being treated like a girl ^^
junbrosjunbros on June 25th, 2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
Haha yeah, there are a lot of advantages. Not being a girl, just being treated like one xP
xuyenmaixuyenmai on June 25th, 2009 02:15 pm (UTC)
You really really reallly need to write more Teac/Jay. I want more
junbrosjunbros on June 25th, 2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
xD I'm glad you liked the fic. My planned multichaptered fanfic will be TaecJay.
xuyenmaixuyenmai on July 25th, 2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
Is that almost done dear? I can't wait! I like the Taecjay style that you write!
(Deleted comment)
junbrosjunbros on June 25th, 2009 03:55 pm (UTC)
Haha, I'm glad ^^
ashleyaboutl0ve on June 25th, 2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
Rofl I've heard make up sex is always the best, and it was definitely hot. xDD

"Mango. Now shoo, I'm hungry. Make something good while you're at it. Just don't burn down our kitchen." Jaebeom said, thoughts of food running through his mind as his stomach rumbled.

Bossy, bossy, bossy. If Jaebeom was the girl, he should be in the kitchen. Actually, no. After Idol Show, I don't think he should even be allowed near a blender.

Ahhhh I loved this. n__n
junbrosjunbros on June 25th, 2009 03:59 pm (UTC)
Make up sex is amusing, LOL.
He's a bossy girl :x
XD! The poor guy can't cook. His eggs = fail.
I'm glad you liked it <3
Khaddiee.: jaebeom: winktrini_sky on June 26th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC)
Haha, adorable! I loved this. ♥
junbrosjunbros on June 26th, 2009 02:36 am (UTC)
Thank you! ^^
music3chickmusic3chick on June 26th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
Why wasn't he taller? He always drank tons of milk. Angry, he scrunched up the carton and threw it into the nearby trashcan.
Hahaha, that's not going to work Jay. I should know...

Jaebeom licked his lips, "I want a smoothie."

Taecyeon mentally palm faced. "What flavor?"

"Mango. Now shoo, I'm hungry. Make something good while you're at it. Just don't burn down our kitchen." Jaebeom said, thoughts of food running through his mind as his stomach rumbled.

"....." Taecyeon was speechless, staring back at Jaebeom. "I thought I do most of the work during sex."

That reminded me of when Jay said he wanted to be stuck on an island with Taec because he would do all the work, haha.

junbrosjunbros on June 26th, 2009 04:37 am (UTC)
xD I dont notice these things. I just wrote it and posted. You commenters made me realize how this related to them a lot ^^
ttaejoong_hyukttaejoong_hyuk on June 27th, 2009 08:39 am (UTC)
AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! oh goshers...i thought i wouldn't really like them as a couple cuz...perhaps they were overrated like yunjae??? *sorry to yunjae fans* but yea, read it anyways...and i LOOOOOOVED IT!!!!!! soooo cute!!! jaebum was sooooo utterly cute!!!! that guy with the manliest muscles is just soooo cute in here and taek too!!!! goodness i love this so much...XDDD
junbrosjunbros on June 29th, 2009 01:42 am (UTC)
Haha yeah, YunJae really is overrated. TaecJay is just kind of...impossible for me not to write. Haha, yeah the man with the muscles x: I'm glad you loved it ^^
ttaejoong_hyukttaejoong_hyuk on June 29th, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)
ok, i thought i was the only one that thought that! XD and lol...jay just seems...like the person who wouldn't be paired with someone...well, with his "eww, gay, get away" comments...XD denial is funny...
junbrosjunbros on June 29th, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
His denial is the best crack to write in the world, LMAO.
ttaejoong_hyukttaejoong_hyuk on June 30th, 2009 06:08 am (UTC)
*nods head in agreement* there has been evidence...XD
junbrosjunbros on July 1st, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
Lol, yeah xP
sasakorujjinsasakorujjin on June 27th, 2009 09:25 am (UTC)
... CUTE!!! FLUFF OVERLOAD!!! ....

yea, i'm back XD but still! this was like the most adorablest thing in the world! n angsty! and the smex! oh god the SMEX!! YES!! ... XD ok, i'm back aagain! but really, that was very sweet!

jae has always been a manly man, i could telll, i guess it's just normal to have a complex when someone's taking care of the leader. but wah, angst made me sad, but in a good way! ahha sortaa? ahha, u captured alll their feelings so well it truly was very fun to read. AND GAWD! THE SMEX!! WAH!! it was totally hot. yes. it was indeed XD

p.s. i love the title. it made me chuckle ahha
junbrosjunbros on June 29th, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)
Haha yes, I like to mix genres up to make things more interesting ^^ Thanks, I try my best with character emotions. The title entirely claimed its own spot , LOL. XD
piyokodesux: mapthesoul logopiyokodesux on June 28th, 2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
I die die die die dieeeee.
That was upsetting but in the end made
me want to scream in happiness.

:D my favorite taek&jay fic, I have to admit.
"That night, Jaebeom cried himself to sleep, his bandaged fist dangling off the bed"
that part broke my heart though. ]:

Fluff is so good in this one. ♥
junbrosjunbros on June 29th, 2009 01:51 am (UTC)
Awwww it's an honor to have my fanfic be considered your favorite TaecJay fic :D!
That part sneaked its way into the story o-o I couldn't help adding it.
Fluff is good , generally XD.
misschatellemisschatelle on June 29th, 2009 04:26 am (UTC)
The man was wearing a pair of thick rimmed glasses and holding a book, trying to look smart.

XD. Well, I don't know if he's smart, but hell does he look good with glasses o.0

This wasn't the Jay he was used to. He was used to an illiterate Korean, fake-homophobe, wanna-be 'gangsta', English cursing Jay. A serious, quiet, and rather tense one was not normal at all.

Oh god no, it isn't! XD

Lol, you made me laugh! (But Jaebum is funny by definition so... XD. Even when he doesn't want to be, poor little thing.... *rolls eyes*)

I love this, really! (And I gotta admit the smut was hot *___*)

junbrosjunbros on June 29th, 2009 05:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, Taec does look good in glasses (model material) *_*;
LMAO. I know, the poor guy. Just writing about him makes it funny, no matter what the genre XD!
I'm happy you loved it. Haha, I try hard with smut ^^;
GDbabymame_chichi on June 30th, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
that was cute, sad, hot, funny all in it....
i totally love it..

"I thought I do most of the work during sex."

that cracks me up!! lol... oh god..jay's making ridiculous request at 3 am
he's such a girl...lol and taec...he's so whipped..shows how much he love jay

i also love the part where taec was the one who sets the alarm for jay..he's so caring for his jay...total love!!!!!!<3333333333333
junbrosjunbros on July 1st, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
Lmao, I make him a girl x: Taec entirely became Jay's slave in here XD!
Thanks for leaving a comment!
SumeragiAeka: onesexybeastdio_elaclaire on July 8th, 2009 08:05 am (UTC)
Because real man don't like strawberries? I really loled at the end XD

I'm glad I read your fic. I needed some hot Taec x Jay after watching the latest Energy Song where Jae was totally a girl and happy about it :D
KiKimiraa on July 9th, 2009 03:23 pm (UTC)
Aw, this was cute~
See, Jaebum...even you have a hidden girly side in the end. ;D
serenexcometserenexcomet on November 28th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
OMG i love love love.
this was such a cute fanfic.
i feel like this might actually be real lol.
taec x jay is the best <3 thank you!
micky_susu: Jae and Taemicky_susu on December 28th, 2009 05:07 am (UTC)
This was awesome! Very hot^.~ Tae was adorable^^ I knew Jae would end up loving the way he was treated.
(Deleted comment)
xiah91730xiah91730 on April 21st, 2010 04:22 am (UTC)
all i could say is....
중민영: TaecJay1organicsangchu on July 4th, 2010 04:42 am (UTC)
I love Jay enjoying being treated like a girl in the end!
And the smut!!! It was one of the best x3
tranghum777: blowfish & helicoptertranghum777 on September 19th, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
without smut, ur writing is wonderful :)
I enjoyed every single sentences when u wrote abt their feelings ♥ I love it ♥
It's Jay who dont want to be treated like a girk but he will just because of Taec ♥
and the smut just make the story even better XD
대박 !!!
werew3 on March 7th, 2011 10:31 am (UTC)
Okay I'm kinda a noob here but i just had to comment after reading it so much and being a silent reader(bows head in shame) I only recently got into 2pm again especially after the whole jay thing, i missed him and thus came upon another 2pm member i love so much now. So i thought hey why not a boy on boy fic and thus you were and are the first one i read. && I'm glad because gosh that was soo hot. xP && to think taec does doo all the work haha pure genius<3 I kinda wonder what would this be like in taec's view. Do write more please and give me a heads up ^^